Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stupid slow laggy internet connection..

Not that I have super important things to acheive on the Internet..

Lets see..I log on to MSN..Check out who's online..And god willing ppl are online at the odd hrs of the day I log on. Then I check my email which usually consists of deleting a whole load of junk mail..Then I load my Friendster page..Yes Friendster..All you ppl who start giving me the you-are-pathetic face can kiss my ass..Coz I know you are all closet Friendster hounds as well. What better way to spend your day than to prowl thru total strangers' pages and figure out what is happening in their lives through their photo captions or their Abt Me section..

Seriously.. You can figure out:

1) Who's recently attached
Captions/Description: I've finally found the love of my life..Blah blah..Insert sappy love song lyrics and probably the Munbe Vaa music video

2) Who recently broke up with who
Captions/Description: You broke my heart,soul,blah blah..Insert sad/angry song lyrics depending on how they broke up and preferbly a song by Destiny's Child or Beyonce like Survivor or Irreplaceable.

3) Who's fighting with who
Captions/Description: Damn bitch,you wanna be me?? Try harder you slut..Blah blah..Insert description of who the damn bitch is and what is in store for her if she enters Ang Mo Kio, Jurong or Tampines.

4) Who has no life
Captions/Description: All the pics on the profile are those of celebrities..Like Surya or Aishwarya.. And the captions read..My cuuuutteee husband..My sweeeet wife.. (I would like to point out at this moment I only have ONE pic of Vikram on my page and that was only coz I was veryyyyyy bored..Thank you very much)

5) Who has to be checked into a mental institute
Captions/Description: All pics are grabbed from other users who seem to have no connection to the user..With captions like..Isnt she hot?..Check out her tits.. Like seriously dude..Wat is WRONG with you???

6) Who went to which club when
Captions/Description:Pics are usually all taken at various clubs in various stages of drunkeness..Sometimes with friends..At times with random strangers. When you go through these profiles, you secretly feel envious at the loads of fun they seem to be having..Then you start wondering where the hell do they find the time, money and most importantly ENERGY to club almost everyday!! Those were the days..*Sighs wistfully*

So yeah..Friendster plays a big ass part in normal ppl's lives..Even nerds and social deviants are on Friendster..Sad but true..So if you turn up your nose at Friendster..I say to you..

BLEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..*Complete with tongue sticking out*

*Goes back to her aimless Friendster surfing*