Sunday, December 31, 2006

So the year has come to an end..


Every year we moan abt how horrible that year was and that the new year should be better..Well for me 2006 was a year of change..of acceptance..of tears..of joy..of self realisation.

I've never been through a year of so much ups and downs as I did this year. It was the first year I started as a singleton..The year I finally graduated..The year I learnt so much abt men and certain women..The year I threw caution to the wind and did what I wanted to do instead of conforming to everyone else's image of how I should be.

So I wait eagerly for what 2007 has in store for me. 2006 taught me how to be strong as a woman. I hope 2007 is the year I learn to be comfortable in my own skin and acheive my career goals.

My best new year wishes to all my lovelies and blogders..Happy New Year!!!