Friday, December 22, 2006

So I was clubbing after a long ass time last week..And what fun the spontaneous Wed night clubbing was! Taking silly-trying-to-be-pouty-but-failing pics (See right)..discovering we have overgrown alot of Boat Quay clubs..deciding that giving O Bar a second chance was a good thing..Dancing for every godforsaken song..Matching shot for shot (For god's sake, how to beat the Shots Queen! I gave up at 6)..And finally admitting we laus Gotham no matter how Indianfied its becoming. And realising we have the most fun when its just the two of us..Strange but true.

And on Sat I was dragged to Ashoka after a wedding by Nesh..It's been a year since I've stepped into Ashoka and I realised there was a good reason why..Hahaha..It was okay I guess though I spent most of the time guarding the vodka bottle.

Ooo Christmas is sooo near..And Orchard has been soo packed for the past week with last min shoppers. Though I have to admit the sales are so bloody tempting.Sigh..Me and my Bangkok trip. But I still got to window shop and got some info to share with the ladies.. La Senza..Yes the very sexy and oh-so-yummy La Senza is having a mega sale!! Everything's 50-70% off! I swear..And they have undies going at 5 for $25..Super worth it. Esp the corsets..I'm not sure if its at all the outlets..I'm very sure of the Plaza Sing one.

This week has been a particularly interesting one..Lets see..Deja Vu..Night at the museum,Burger King,Swensons,California Pizza Kitchen,Rainy weather..Cold hands..Polka dot dress..Late night smses..Early morning phone calls..You..Me.

Urgh..I have to travel ALL the way to Pasir Ris tml..For a make up appt for a talk show.At 8 bloody am! Wahhh..Shoot me now. Pls.