Monday, December 18, 2006

Second chances..

Do you believe in them? Under what circumstances does one agree to a second chance?

The drama that surrounded my break up drove me to believe I would never in a million years even think of giving the psycho ex a 2nd chance. But after being on the dating scene for a year, I started wondering what if..


Coz I've probably been meeting the worst of the crop.Lets see.. Married ones, I-just-want-a-physical-rship ones, I-want-a-supermodel-and-you-just-dont-make-the-cut ones, I-have-a-gf-but-I-like-you ones, I-don't-know-what-I-want-in-life ones..Etc..

So being thrown into the dating scene so abruptly, I was bewildered at the different kinds of specimen we call men. And a lil taken aback. So fast forward one year..And I'm still confused..But at least I have come to terms with accepting that men will be men. Yes there are the bastards and the psychos..But I know of a few good men..Hehe..The ones one would kill to be loved by. The ones who treat women with the respect we deserve. The ones who have no hidden agenda.

And with that hope, I rid myself of the unthinkable thoughts of second chances. That singular lapse of judgement would have have cost me so much more heartpain,bruises,threats,cheating and constant living in fear for the years to come.

I believe all women who have been disrespected and abused deserve so much more.

And I believe I deserve so much more.