Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bangkok was a blast!! All that anticipation sure paid off..Me, Joanne,Jason and my sis..Phew..5 days of shopping,seafood,bargaining and Baileys-ing!!

I know everybody would be like 3 girls and 1 guy!! Poor thing la the guy..Hell no laa..He was the one who was enjoying the most! He bought the most stuff,drank the most beer (coz we hate beer!) and constantly got a kick outta bargaining everything down to HIS price..But you know I still laus you Jason!! Oooo massages are so freaking cheap there!! A 2 hr full body massage was only 500 baht! Though I was a lil taken aback when she started placing her feet where feet shouldn be placed! Hehehe..But it was all good..We also went for 2 foot massages over the 5 days. *singsongs in Thai accent* "200 baht only madam!"

We went for the Tiffany show and we were already on our way to depression..Like seriously their boobs were so perfect!! And the clothes they wore! *Wipes forehead* But it was all good. They were quite the entertainers.

Shopping!! Lord we had a blast shopping..Everything is so freakin cheap there! Me and my sis had a Hallelujah moment once we stepped into MBK and another similar moment at Chatuchak market. Though I had amazing self control when it came to buying stuff for myself. My sis kept saying "Why cant you have this self control in Spore??There you see a pair of shoes and you just HAVE to have it..Here things are so cheap and you dont wanna buy" Haha.I was more preoccupied getting stuff for my friends and family.Though I did get whatever I went there for. *Evil smile* Check out my loot!

Accessories are dirt cheap there! Forget 3 for $10..Think less than a dollar each!! We were grabbing stuff without even thinking if we had anything to match it with. When initialised crystal necklaces go for 30 freaking baht, you don't ask questions!

Sigh..I wanna go back every year and shop! Its soooo worth it. This trip proved to be a wonderful bonding experience with my sis. We usually don't share a whole lotta info when we're at home. But we had our moments in Bangkok! *Smiles*

Wokay wokay..I need to go sleep..Hangover+2 hrs of sleep=Very grumpy Sumi..