Thursday, November 30, 2006

So in order to escape the air of depression that insists on following me around, I resorted to shopping..Yes what else. Girls, please do yourselves a favour and shop.Seriously year end sales are so worth it. But I had to keep telling myself I would be in Bangkok next week, which equals to shopping galore..So I kept the shopping the the bare essentials. Yeah rite.

I am standing by my label as the resident Relationship Laughing Buddha. You won't believe the amt of friends who have gotten attached this year. *Ponders* Maybe I should set up a booth along Tekka ah? Hahahaa..

Okie this post has been totally useless..I cant seem to blog what I really feel and that sucks. Actually I dont really know what I'm feeling.I have this myriad of emotions going on inside.And not being able to let ppl know how one feels totally blows. Hopefully I'd sort all this shit out by Bangkok next week.

I understand you want a tour of what's inside
Be my safety guide before I take you on this ride
Straight into the center
You enter my dimension
No question is protection
Selected in my session
I'm on a quest
I will not rest till I break it
I gotta get mine and you gotta get yours
But never endin it by sendin it and shut the door
You must be crazy to think
That you can hang with me
I try to escape the inprisonment of those defyin' to me
The epitome of your every dream it seems to me
For intangible fantasy
You know what I mean