Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bintan rocked!! Yesh it did!

I look extremely tired here..Catching a ferry after work is not fun.Don't ever do it. But I still like this pic coz you could see the joy on my face at the thought of spending 3 days with my lovelies being treated like royalty in Bintan. And we were, thanks to Joanne's dad.

What do 3 girls do once they reach their holiday resort with a 1GB memory card? Hahaha..They take photos till Japanese tourists take pity on them and offer to take the pics for them.

Joanne's idea..She even gave our feet initials.Notice how my red pedicures for all of us steal the show. And the attention away from our badly-in-need-of-a-pedicure feet.

We found this one spot after walking in the sun,along the beach for quite some time. Rocks+vegetation+nice glowing effect+3 girls=picture galore..Hehe.

We were quite sad to leave our lil own piece of paradise. Imagaine a bloody double story bungalow with 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms..All for 3 girls! We each had our own bathroom! Though we did end up sleeping on the same bed as we always do on holidays and chalets. We also went for a mangrove tour which sounds boring as hell..But was pretty interesting..We saw snakes and monkeys up close travelling in a lil boat with a very cheeky tour guide.

I can't wait for Bangkok in December! Yes..Seems a lil excessive right, all this travelling? But hey, we live once. And we're getting to this age where everyone's getting married and having kids.So I wanna have as many hols with my friends as possible before we have to face reality. *wistful smile*

Yawns..Have to go sleep.Work in the morning..