Friday, September 08, 2006

You all KNOW I'm just gonna keep on hitting delete..Whatever la mofos..I know its the internet and you have all the right to comment..But you all must be some sadistic-i have all the time in the world- motherfuckers to actually bother trying to hurt me.

Guess what..I am stronger than that..You think I havent had comments about my weight thrown at me before? It just doesnt matter to you ppl. You think you're so damn perfect?? I have never claimed that I am all that..Or that I am a toned gym buff..I do what I can and I am what I am..So deal with it or fuck off..

Sad little pieces of shits..

PS: You can still comment..I'm not scared..But I will just keep hitting delete..Coz after all..It is MY blog.. Muahahahahahaa..*evil laffter* Plus..Ever heard of karma??? You betta watch ya asses..Karma's a bitch when it comes around..