Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let me state again that Vijay is GOD of all things photographic..Hehe.. We took a shitload of pics at Sentosa together with Joanne and Sarasii..I like..I like!!

Now..I'm not a huge Surya fan..I mean he's a good actor and all..But my heart remains true to Vikram..But after watching Silendru Oru Kaadhal..I may be forced to do throgams to Vikram! Phwoarghhhhhhhhh... What a hottie.. Me and Joanne were practically drooling in the theatre..And we weren't the only ones. Every time he changed into a different outfit, you could hear the collective sighs of all the females in the theatre. Jothika's one lucky bitch.

Speaking of the theatres..We witnessed some SERIOUS making out during this movie..During a tamil movie..At yishun.. My goodness..This couple was going at it like horny teenagers..Oh wait, they probably were horny teenagers..But seriously, if you're gonna make out at least choose good seats..Not in the front of the theatre in full view of the rest of your fellow movie goers..And please do come up for air. I was getting worried for a while when they were liplocked for an entire song. To a point I wanted to throw some popcorn at them. Just to see if they were still alive.

Wokay wokay..Gtg watch another VCD..Sundays suck..