Thursday, September 28, 2006


I got 5 job offers in a day! Amazing no?

Okie wats up with people and their boogers??

Seriously.. I was enjoying my meal at BK with Joanne when this uncle next to us started to entertain us with his nose digging antics. I mean what is dinner without a lil dinner theatre? I just gestured wildly with my eyes to Joanne James, who didnt get what I was trying to say. By then I couldn't take it..Coz the bloody old man was digging..and digging and digging for a good full minute.. Like seriously..Dude..People are trying to EAT..

Then he did the unmentionable..He started rolling the offending piece of crap and then stared at it..Like really stare at it..You would have thought he had discovered a gold nugget in his nose. Then he popped it into his mouth!!!! *Gasps*

We're in BK la uncle..Why?? Why do you have to resort to eating crap outta ya nose? *Vomits* I started laa..I said in a REALLY loud voice, "Joanne, you have to see what this uncle is doing!! He's eating his nose crap..Look..Looooooooookkk!!!" Then when he ate his booger, I went "OMG now he just ate it..How GROSS and DISGUSTING..Look Joanne Looooooookkk".

Hehe..The poor girl was tearing and laughing..Coz that's what Joanne does when she laughs..She tears. I just kept giving the uncle dirty looks..But he is so sornakettathu that he didnt even budge.

Happy now Joanne? I'm apparently her only source of entertainment at work. Makes you wonder what she actually does at work right?? Hehehe..You know I laus you JJ..

*Sings You Got My Temperature Risin Like El Nino* That song has been stuck in my head all day. Though I only like that particular line in the entire song. On a happier note.. Happy Birthday Ket!!! Welcome to the 24's!!!

Wokay..Gtg take a cool shower..