Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I cut my hair!! I cut my hair!! *Jumps around the room* Yes as you all know..When I'm stressed I do something to my hair. And my hair stylist FINALLY let me cut my hair short, the way I've always wanted. Shorter in the back and longer in front. Yay.. I like.. I was getting sick of looking like every other woman on the streets..

I finally club hopped on Friday..Lets see.. Went to Gotham for abit..Then headed to Amaran with Shanker.. *Happy Birthday Shanker!!*..After which Bar None with another friend.. Spontaneous clubbing always gives me a natural high..Though I couldnt handle any alcohol..Not much anyways..

It amazes me how much men lie..Its like effortless..And how they say what they don't mean..And how they twist their words around when faced with a situation..And how they love to play mindless mind games.. Oh well..You know what..I've truly accepted my single status..All this time, I realised I was just looking for love for the sake of being with someone..Coz I was afraid of the unknown. I just needed to be part of a couple. But now..Tats all over..I'm pretty happy just living my life the way it is. Why go looking for something when it should just happen naturally? Plus I realised I was looking in all the wrong places..So there..

Can I just say I adore Kamal?? His new movie is so fanfuckintastic laaa.. Though I will be wary of any male medical students from now on..*Runs away screaming*

Wokay wokay..Off to send more resumes out..