Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How I loved convocation!!! I was so nervous whilst I was getting ready at home..Plus wearing a sari just added on to my nerves.. All that was running through my mind was "Don't fall on stage Sumi..Just DON'T fall!!"

All those days of 3am project discussions, endless meetings, even more endless presentations, late night exam mugging, were all worth it just to see my parents' happy faces after I collected my degree..It was pure joy.

And all the endless photo taking! We were a mad bunch running here and there. Plus my family gave me this gorgeous bouquet of blood red roses! Awww..Cho chweet.

I thought I would look like a clown with the bloody mortar board..But strangely it didnt look all that bad. Maybe coz I was just too excited to see all my friends. We all looked so radiant and happy. After which we headed to Waruku for dinner..And then to Dbl O for drinks and dancing..Well mainly for drinks..Coz the music sucked..

The next day was Graduation Ball! At the M Hotel..Another day, another sari..Hehe.. Everyone was so dressed up..Pretty pretty girls! Another round of endless photo taking and mingling with friends.. It was kinda bittersweet. Coz it was the last official reason we had to get together as a big group. With everyone working, it will be bloody difficult to meet up anytime soon.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Though it was sooo bloody difficult to wake up on Sunday at 6am for my housewarming prayers.. *Yawn* After which I went for the procession at Novena. Tiring, tiring day..

Okie..I gtg fill in this 10 page application..Bleh.. Just realised I'm prob one of the VERY few of my graduating class who hasnt found a job yet.. Double Bleh..


(PS: You can click on the collages for a clearer view of the pics)