Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yay convocation's tml..I can't wait to see everyone again..Though sadly we've all started to move on with our lives..I hardly see my SIM mates anymore..Sob sob..

Anyhoo..I wanted to photoblog abt my birthday bash..But unfortunately all the pics havent been uploaded or sent to me yet..But soon..I promise..

At this point in time..I have to dedicate the rest of the post to Shankar..Though he may be a pandi at times.. He gives reallyyyy good advice. What he told me this week changed my perspective on life totally. And for that I am ever grateful..And yes yes..We'll bring you to Apollo's Banana Leaf next week..But we'll conveniently forget our wallets..Hehe..

Seriously, after Shankar talked to me that day, everything became so much more clearer . It was hard to accept at first and I had to admit that I was in denial for quite some time..But he gave me the much awaited wake up call..And it worked. I've started living for myself. And I can only hope that I'll continue living for myself.

On a lighter note,I still can't believe I'm wearing a sari for convocation..I have a sinking feeling I'm gonna trip..As long as I don't trip on stage..Wah..*Touchwood* But knowing myself..Sighh.

Wokay..Gonna get some beauty sleep..Need to look good in the trillions of photos I will be taking.