Thursday, August 03, 2006

So I went for a walk/jog at 5 am yesterday around Jurong West..Yesh.. 5 am..Yesh..Walk/jog.. I was just asking for it la.. Went with an over zealous-health kick friend.. If you take a look below..I marked my route..And approximately where I died and from where only my soul was running..Wahhhhhhhh...I wanted to cry laa.. But it wasnt too bad coz I had good company..But the best part was the prata after the run..Yesh..Prata..Sue me..Breakfast is the most impt meal of the day..Plus I deserved it..

I am sick of everyone asking me to go and teach when they find out I havent gotten a job yet.. Crazy ah..I'm the world's worst teacher laa..I can't..I'm too impatient..Even with kids..The poor kid would probably start doing even more horribly if I start teaching. They would be traumatised..

Standards suck..Seriously..Indian men need to come back to reality..In the real world, we all cant be looking like Beyonce or Eva Mendes. We are normal, healthy, intelligent and funny women. Why can't men accept us they way we are and not set impossible standards when lookin for a girlfriend. Seriously..I have friends telling how come Indian women don't look like J.Lo or Jessica Simpson..Hello friend..You want over-boobified,blonde,over made up women, then go US and find laa..Why are you still here?? Looks are only skin deep boys. Yesh we women drool over actors too..But we don't set standards when lookin for a partner..If tats the case..most men I know would probably be single for life la..

Okie..Rant over..