Sunday, August 20, 2006

Phew..Finally a TV performance in which I didn't look like total crap.. I was soooooo dreading seeing my blubber on TV again..Thank god it wasnt too bad.. Guess those hours on the bloody hated treadmill did work out after all..Though I like the pics we took before the shoot better..

Now I feel all fat-ified and I have to wear a sari in about 3 hrs time for a wedding..Blehhh.. I can't believe how many of my poly friends have gotten or are getting married.Some even have kids laa..*Ponders*

Sometimes I am just TOO nice to ppl..I give and give and give..Till I am emotionally drained. I have a ppl pleasing syndrome and its driving me nuts..I have done stuff for ppl and then wonder why the hell I agreed. With all this time on my hands I guess I've been doing alot of soul searching and its hard to admit one's own faults. I can't stand it when ppl are mad at me and therefore I go all the way out to make sure I do things that please them. Urgh..See it just sounds wrong. And who gets hurt in the end? Duhhh.. I eventually get taken for granted and some ppl even forget I'm in the picture until they need something I can provide.. Sucks huh..Yeap it does..I just have to learn the hard way I guess..Though I don't think this heart can take anymore hurt.

On to a totally unrelated but equally disturbing piece of news.. I was reading the New Paper when I came across this article on redheads..Apparently redheads or ppl who dye their hair red are actually channeling "Come get me" signals..And that redheads have more sex than blondes or brunettes..Alamakkk.. This is just what I need now laa..More reason for men to proposition me based on my hair colour. *Sigh*

Yay..1 1/2 hrs to Ms Vasantham..Can't wait to see the original "talents" these girls possess..Oh wait..let me see..Hmmm..Could they include dancing??? *Gasp* Singing?? *Double Gasp* Hehehe..Mean arent we..I'm pretty tame compared to the guys at Now that's a blog worth going back to over and over again.. Oh if you think its wrong to sit and bitch about these girls then you should not watch TV ever again..How many times have ya commented on an actress or actor on a Saturday night? "OMG she's soooooooooo fat..What's she thinking wearing that?" or "OMG he looks so gay..My iguana looks better than him" So yeah..Save me the moralistic crap.If you're brave enough to be on TV you should be brave enough to take the comments that come with it. Believe me I've had my fair share of rude comments..So just deal with it.