Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Its abt 15 mins to my 24th birthday..

Usually I get super excited abt my birthdays..Demanding week long extravaganza celebrations..

But this year..I dunno.. Everyone's like "So when's the party?" I'm like..Blehhhh..

I'm just looking forward to dancing the night away with my lovelies on Friday..Its the 1st time in years I'm spending it as a singleton..And I know I'm gonna have a good ol time..Its just that I feel so..BLEH.. I have no clue why..Maybe I have no direction in life now..

I'm so out of it that I havent even been demanding birthday pressies from anyone! Haha..Which is a first for me. Maybe coz this yr,during this weekend, something else was supposed to happen..Which thankfully didnt..I think I would have led a life of tears if I went through with it all..

Oh well..

Happy Birthday To Me!!!