Thursday, August 10, 2006

I hate greasy hair.. But I have no choice..I just straightened my hair and I can't wash my hair for 3 freakin days..Sigh.

Okay..I'm letting ya in on a BIG secret..Just don't tell my mum..*Looks around guiltily*

I bought my birthday dress..For 78 bucks..With my mum's ATM card..

But its a GORGEOUS dress which is sooooooooo flattering and I love the retro polka dots..So just don't tell my mum k? *Winks*

So me and Joanne stupidly decided to go chill at the Esplanade yesterday..On National Day.. Being the doinks that we were, we didn't realise that the rest of Singapore who couldnt get tickets to NDP would be camped out at the waterfront, where we go to chill with Haagen Daaz and talk till the cows come home.. Wah liaooooo.. Its like hello??? Don't you have a TV at home? Must you come with all generations of your family and watch the parade on a wide screen in public?? Sheesh..Plus there were some who were just sitting and staring into the sky waiting for fireworks...At 6.30..Seriously..Ppl were just staring intently at the sky as if willing the fireworks to explode at that moment.. Too bad they were facing the wrong direction!!! Neh ne ni boo boo..

Don't ya hate novels in which the story line revolves around a seriously fat chick losing ALL that weight and suddenly becomes thin and pretty and all the bastards in her life suddenly wanna bonk her?? Books like that wanna make me slit my wrists.. Seriously.. What kind of stupid message are you sending out to young impressionable girls? That you have to be of a certain size in order for men to accept you? Weight loss should start when you make a decision to be healthier..It should be for YOU..Not for anyone else..*Mumbles*