Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am a seriously confused child..And I hate it..And I hate it when ppl confuse me even more..

The stupid games we play..The useless mind fucks..The hidden truths..The mystery behind the smiles..

I just feel like taking a pan and knocking some sense into ppl and asking them to open their eyes and take a look at wat's RIGHT in front of them..*Blows hair off her forehead* My powers as a woman must be weakening.. Noooooooooooooooo..*wails tamil padam style*

Have I mentioned Whitney Houston is my soul sister..So areToni Braxton and Mary J Blige..

Now tell me how you feel if I told
You that I have feelings for you
And would it be so wrong to say
What's on my mind
We were friends but with time
What I feel deep inside for you has changed
But I'd give up on love, if I thought
That it was untrue for you

I know that we were just friends
But what if I decide to bring something in
I hope it won't offend the trust
We have 'cause I don't want this to end
If you think that we'll lose what we have
Then I'd just rather stay the same
Cause I don't wanna choose
Between two of the most precious things to me

PS: I know this post seemed like aimless verbal vomit..But it felt good to get it all out.. So just deal with it till the next more sensible post.. *Gives best Ms Congeniality smile*