Friday, August 25, 2006

First, let me thank all you lovelies for the birthday wishes.. I felt very loved!

I had a rockin 24th birthday..Not because I went out clubbing or had tons of presents..Just the fact that I was surrounded by loved ones from the minute I woke up to the second I fell asleep.

You must be wondering what happened to all the self-taken obsessed pics that usually accompany my posts..

Well my friend Vijay decided he had enough of seeing me in the same pose all the time and decided to give me a photoshoot as a

birthday present..

At this point in time.. I would just like to mention that
Vijay is god of all things photographic..I am willing to name my firstborn after him..Hehe..

I would also like to state how much I love my family..Yesh I really do..Especially my 2 lovely siblings who bought me a very Paris Hilton like white handbag which matches my clubbing dress to a T..

And my darling friends..You have no clue how much you all mean to me. Ms Joanne James.. My one constant in this crazy world of bastards and bitches.. Ms Sarasiii..My one and only non-vulgarities speaking babe who always brings a smile to my face.. Nesh..My newly found Jurong kaki who has been my listening board and so much more. Vijay..My long lost best friend..Some things never change..Even after 5 yrs. You guys made my birthday one of the most memorable ones so far..

I can't wait to hit the dance floor tonight..Anyone else interested? Gotham tonight..Be there!!!

Till the next birthday post..