Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why do I keep torturing myself with sad songs??

So he moved on.. What about me? Hmmm.. Let's just say no one warned me the dating game was goin to be this tough and cruel.. To meet an eligible, semi-hot, intelligent man seems to be an impossible task!! Or maybe I'm lookin in all the wrong places.

But then again..I'm not really looking.. I don't really think I can be in a relationship just as yet. But at the same time.. Loneliness sucks.. Yes I have my lovely family and wonderful friends.But certain times you just need that special someone to call your own.. But let's just see what He has in store for me.

I can't believe I was at home on a Friday night.. I can't believe I'm at home now on a Saturday night.. This is unacceptable.. However, there is something called money, which is an important factor when ya wanna club. Of which I'm lacking at the moment coz my stupid cheque hasnt cleared yet.. *mumbles*

Let me go rot on my couch now..