Thursday, April 27, 2006

I let someone in..I opened my heart..Just a teeny weeny bit..But it was more than enough for him to totally crush what was left. I thought he was different..I tot he could make me happy. But I guess I thought wrong. He brought me up so high..And left me hanging just like that.

Have some balls man.. Don't play these mind games with me. You led me to believe you gave a shit. You listened to me and my mindless rambling till 5am..You made me happy with your calls of care and concern. And then you proved just to be like any other MF with your cowardice behaviour. I still have hope that you are not a full blown MF..If you could just tell me WASSUP with you!!!!

*Blows hair off forehead*

Men.. If not for procreation..I would seriously consider lesbianism. Stop being all over sensitive..And stop being over mamafied.. Stop trying to hide your emotions..Stop being a coward and face up to the truth even if it would hurt us for a while..Respect us dammit!!