Monday, April 24, 2006

Bleh..Yes..If you had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon and managed to catch the once again repeat of a freakin old episode of Theem Thaka Theem..You would have caught glimpses of me lookin like a FOOL in a blue sari and in a freaking abnormally long wig doing my best Shaila Nair impersonation for Venmathi.. Yes I know..Not my finest moment.. *mumbles* Why do they torture me with that clip..Sigh..*Hides under a pillow*

The weekend was pretty eventful.. Went down to that Gopio exhibition on Sat.Spent lots of money on Indian handlooms, curtains and bedspreads..Plus this gorgeous white sari with silver beading.. *Drools* Then had to rush down for a makeup appt at Woodlands.. *waves at Renuga* Then rushed back home and left for Joanne's place. But not before meeting a certain someone who has proven to be an absolute gentleman and a totally refreshing change from all the physical MFs..Who also drives a very hot, red car..Hehee..

We planned a girl's day out at East Coast on Sunday..It was so fun catching up with my babes..I have had absolutely no time in the past weeks what with work and school.. Monica makes the best chicken wings!! And all the fun we had trying to 'chope' the pondol and making it exclusively ours for the afternoon with little luck.. *Mumbles at the aunties and uncles whom invaded our pondol*

For the first time in a VERY long time.. I am actually allowing myself to be happy and to be caught up in the moment. But still, I can't let my guard down totally coz the pain is still too real.

Okie why the hell am I blogging about my weekend when I have a paper in 24 hrs????