Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bleh.. Renovation is the pits..

I've been thinking alot about the state of my life nowadays.. Yes I've been partying alot.. Yes I've probably been neglecting my school work.. Yes I'm spending money like there's no tommorrow..

But am I happy?? Hmmm.. Happiness is so hard to define.. I'm contented. But happy??

I just realised my relationship was WAY over before it was actually over..All those times I doubted myself, him and the relationship.. The first time he cheated on me in our first year.. The first time he called me fat..The first time he banged my head against the car door.. The first time I discovered he was smsing other girls.. The first time I caught him in a lie.. The countless other times I caught him lying..

But stupid Sumi believed that she could still carry on.. Not anymore.. I am so much stronger that you think Mr Toad..I had enough of you stepping on me and breaking my spirit. You brought me to my lowest point but keep watching this space..Coz I'm gonna fly so high you'll be biting your own head off in regret.

Okieee..Rant over..Back to my journals..Bleh..