Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"The average woman sees only the weak points in a strong man and the good points in a weak one"

Doing my bit for a friend.. Shabir will be releasing his debut album this Saturday at Serangoon Plaza from 4pm onwards..Do go down to lend your support. The tracks on the album are really good especially Alaipayuthae and N.E.W.. Plus the videos are really cool too!! I was there for both video shoots and there was ALOT of hard work which went into making the videos. Plus a VERY good friend will also be appearing in N.E.W..Hehehe *winks at Joanne*

Wokay.. Exams next week and I'm soooooooooo bochap.. Maybe coz 2 of the 3 papers are open book? Maybe coz its my last semester? Maybe I have no aim in life? Maybe coz I'm a very confused child?

Have I mentioned I'm giving clubbing a rest? Yeah.. *Insert shocked gasps* I don't think the lifestyle is conducive to me finding peace with myself. But I'll still go when the itch to dance like a wild child hits..Just not as often.Can you believe I've been going almost every week? Sigh..

Speaking of clubbing, at my last outingI met Malini, a fellow blogger!! *Waves at Malini* The courage vodka can give one at 5am in the morning..Hehe to say hi to someone you know only thru cyberspace. Can I say that you look bloody hot in that skirt without sounding all lesbian?? Hehehe..

I miss Melbourne.. Was going through some of the pics Daf sent me.. I miss being in another country with no worries. I miss staying with my 3 girls..I miss taking pics at every cafe, pub,restaurant, shopping centre we were at..I miss all the lovely shopping..I miss being a size 'S' for once..Hehe..I miss the boys cooking us yummy gourmet dishes..I miss trekking over the hall to the boys' room to hang out and chat till 4am..I miss Queen Victoria market..I miss the hot men..Bleh..

Okie..Onwards with the studying..