Sunday, February 26, 2006

So lots has happened since October.. I'm trying not
to dwell on things but I'll probably start bitching about it soon..

Anyways.. People eat when they're stressed..I change my hair.. I went straight and red...And I LOVED it.. For the first time ever, I actually liked how I looked..The change was good physically as well as emotionally. If you get what I mean..

So what else have I been up to?? Melbourne was FANTASTIC. But that's another post by itself. Been clubbing alot.. Discovered Gotham..And have been there pretty much every week. I just love the music and the ambience there..However judging by this weekend, its turning into a mini Ashoka already..

It's strange how fast guys know that you're single..Within days I had countless offers to go out on dates and all.. Whilst most of them were genuine offers from close friends.. Some were just from guys who thought I would drop my pants coz I was on the rebound...Sick I tell ya.. I sorta gave up on the entire male population..I know I sound cynical and all..But can ya blame me at this moment? 5 yrs..5 fucking yrs..

Ah well..As my friends tell me.. It's all for the better. Who knows what God has in store for me.. However I DO believe in karma.. Which can be a bitch when it bites psycho ex toad's butt..

Let's not start.. I won't stop if I start bitching..