Thursday, February 23, 2006

Once upon a time.. There lived a princess.. Who waited for her prince (who by the way turned out to be a toad).. They met and stayed together for 5 years.. Then the toad prince became psycho.. He physically abused the princess under her residence after breaking up with her, without reason, one fine night. After a few days the princess discovered through the magic of Friendster that psycho ex-toad prince found a horseface to mate with. The princess was shocked that her years of fashion advice and grooming had gone to the dumps when she saw psycho ex-toad's current pics. Laughing all the way, she felt nothing but relief that she escaped what could have been spousal abuse hell in the future. Now she's single, swinging and ready to take on the world.

..The End..

(Fiction?? Non-fiction?? Hahahaha.. My Life..)