Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I miss blogging.. But everytime I switch on the pc.. I am swamped with work..

And it doesnt help that I just started my part time job at Cisco Recall from 6-10pm..Mondays to Fridays..So I leave for work from school most of the days..Dog tired but what to do..As my friend Alex would say.. We need Vitamin M...Vitamin Money!!!

I've been doing so much stuff that I haven't had time to sort stuff out in my mind.. Its like I have so much stuff running around in my head but no time to plan things out.. And I have the most horrible mood swings these days.. One moment I'm Miss Pleasant..The next..Hello Miss Bitch..

I need a freaking break..I can't wait for my clubbing outing next Sat.. I need to be with my my ass off.. drink till I'm pleasantly high.. I just need to get away.. Can't wait for the Melb trip.. But first I have to clear this semester.. And I'm really worried coz I've been slacking this semester. *Crosses fingers*

I've also been shopping WAY too much.. And this is BEFORE I've even gotten my pay.. Every freaking time I go clubbing, I get a new outfit..Earrings to match it and what not.. See how that affects my bank balance. Oh well.. Everyone needs new stuff rite? *Smile*

Off to finish my presentation slides.. *Bleh*