Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Thank you all my lovelies who commented on the pics.. And a BIG Fuck Off to all the haters.. You all know I'm just gonna keep hitting Delete..

Biggggggg News..

A Fucking bastard stole my lovely phoneeeeeee..With all my contacts and self obsessed pics!!!

I was going to school from Bugis and I know that I couldnt have misplaced it coz I was smsing all the way till the train was approaching the station.. Then when the train was pulling into the station this retard Chinese guy kept pushing into me like he was realllll anxious to get onto the train..I gave him a nasty stare and made rude noises.. Didnt think much of it till later in the train when I started to frantically hunt for my train.. Coz I have this habit of dumping my phone anywhere in my bag and then hunting for it.. But I knew it was gone when I literally dumped the entire bag's contents onto the train's floor..

Then I realised that the Chinese guy didnt get onto the train..The strange part was he actually rushed off when the doors actually opened... Hindsight can be a bitch..

When I went to the control station to report it.. The first thing the lady asked me was... "Did someone push you from the back".. I was like.."Yeah and how do YOU know??"..

She's like.."You're the 4th one to have your phone stolen TODAY here"

What the fucccccccccckkkkkkk?????

*May his dick turn black and drop off*

Anyhoo..I had to reactivate my SIM card and am currently using my sis's phone coz my mum confiscated it coz she's having her exams now.. Too bloody coincidental..

Sigh...Well..At least I get a new phone right??

Let's all take a moment to remember my dearly departed phone.. It gave me endless hours of pleasure with its wonderful camera and kept me happy with many messages it efficiently delivered..