Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We all had our secondary school moments.. Good and bad.. Here's what I remember..

I was a councillor in school and I dreaded the flag raising ceremony coz I was SO afraid that the flag would either get stuck halfway up or that I wouldnt have tied the string tight enough and the national flag would come tumbling down around me.

Recess was the highlight of the day. Rushing to queue for the Malay Auntie's yummy nasi lemak and then sipping 40 cents Coke with the girls..Preferbly standing near some hot guys (Virtually non-existent in my school)

Ah Lians HAD to carry Sonia Rykiel bags.. In red preferbly..

Home Econs and Design classes were 3 hours long.. I stayed in class for oh.. 45 mins and spent the rest abusing my councillor authority by roaming the school and sneaking off to meet my friends in other classes.

My school didnt have inhouse Tamil lessons so all Indian students had free periods when the rest had language classes. These free periods were well spent..Gossiping about other girls an gushing over Prabhu Deva and Aravind Saamy in Minsara Kanavu..Which was THE movie at the time.

At one point of time half the girls in my class had the same haircut.. Really short crops.. Which was weird..

We hung out at Lot 1 and Bukit Panjang Plaza..Then we graduated to West Mall.. We thought we were "All That" then.. And flaunted our hitched up skirts and rolled up sleeves.. *Cringes*

Neoprints were all the rage.. I even had a little book categorising the neoprints under Family, Best Friends, Classmates, Dance Group etc. We spent more money on neoprints then on food.

Me and Azie would watch a movie EVERY week.. Even B grade horror movies..Even when she was fasting and couldnt eat the popcorn.. Even if we had to bring along our lil sisters.. We even watch SpiceWorld!!!

Backstreet Boys ruled my life then and I was infatuated with Howie!!! Me and my felloe Backstreeters would comb Lime and some other teen magazine every week for photos and titbits on the boys. I had a BSB scrapbook which contains a letter of mine which got published in Lime.. I was begging for a Howie poster.. Which I got!!

I was in a dance group and spent my weekends dancing at various CC shows.. Bad costumes, bad makeup... But i really loved every minute of it. We were like family. Then we broke up. Shit happens..

Getting a pager when I was in Sec 3 was the highlight of the year. I was one of the first few to get one and was pretty much envied by alot of ppl. Remember "143" msgs and changing your pager song every day to send a subtle msg to your crush? Remember dialling all your frens pager nos to hear what song they had on that day?

Sigh..All those memories..

Anyhoo.. I have got my just desserts and experienced the worst kind of gastric pain yesterday whilst I was working out. I actually cried in the bloody toilets. And then I had to endure all the lectures from my bf,mum and friends. I love ya too..

Now I gtg find a font for my bd invitations.