Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I've been in such a blogging slump lately.. Mainly coz my comp seems to die on me all the time and I get so irritated..

But I've also been so busy lately I havent had the time to blog. What with my birthday party, reports for school and planning accomodation for my Melb trip. My birthday party is in 2 weeks and I still havent sent out the invites yet or ordered the cake or decided on my outfit..

Yeah..I'm so dead ain't I..

But I have lovely friends who are willing to stay over to help me sort out Bollywoody type decorations, order my cake and slap me senseless when I go into shock realising its 2 weeks away..

The Melb trip is also giving me headaches..Trying to find cheap accomodation is NOT easy. Esp for 6 ppl in a group. I hate planning..I just wanna goooooooooooo...

Okie..Off to do some literature review shit..