Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm no IT hotshot.. But I was bored.. And I couldnt stop thinking of Anniyan and Vikram..

So I did...


I Dream Of Thee...

*Eyes starts glazing over*

I tell ya.. My family has given up on me.. On my Vikram obsession.. It was pretty bad pre-Anniyan.. They could still handle it when I started spouting lines from Dhool and Saamy.. They even tolerated my full length Vikram poster that's in my room.. They just let it go when I bought bloody expensive Vikram Mega Nite tics..

But now..

Even I admit..I'm beyond help.. But do I care??

Nope.. Not when there's so much of Vikram to ogle at and dream about..

Vikram+Me+A Locked Room+30 mins= Total Fantasy Fulfilment and Satisfaction

*Grins Insanely Chandramukhi-like*

P.S: I found a new way of totally irritating my sister.. Just by singing..

"Kumaaaaaaariiiii...En Kaathal Sikki Mukhi Thikkirukuthu..
Kumaarrrrrrriiii..En Nenju Vimmi Vimmi Bammi Nikkuthu.."


Okie..Off to lala land with Remo.. Shooo.. Don't disturb..