Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bloody computer decided to take a vacation without clearing it with me yet AGAIN..

The weekend was pretty eventful.. Helped out with Ananthi's outdoor shoot on Sat for En Aasai Maithiliyae after which we headed for a makeup assignment for a wedding.. Was pretty tiring but was fun especially watching Movesh dance to Don't Phunk With My Heart at the reception.

I guess the movie outing's a no-no..But it's all good coz I'll be going yet again this week which would make it the 4th time.. *Blushes* I dream of the Nokia and Kaathal Yaanai song.. His hair, his clothes, his face, his body... *Eyes start to glaze over*

I really can't photo blog yet coz i had to reformat my comp and all my applications need to reinstalled.. So I'll be back with a proper post tommorrow..

Till then..