Thursday, June 02, 2005

Miss me??

Hahaha.. Been reading the Amzing Adventures of DietGirl to get some motivation to hit the gym everyday. Every night I very confidently set my phone's alarm at 9am for the next morning to go to the gym.. What happens at 9am?

I hit the snooze button..

Not once..Not twice..Not thrice..

At least 5 times..

Then I wake up and contemplate whether to go to the gym or not.. Just the thought of getting up, bathing, finding my sweats, wearing my shoes and taking the bus to the gym sickens me and I cancel the alarm for the final time and burrow in my bed under my comforter for another 2 hours..

Then I wake up feeling all guilty.. So in the end I still make it to the gym..Only I have to wait for the cardio machines coz around 12 plus is the busiest time in the gym.. Super crowded with aunties and lunch-hour gym rats..

I keep telling myself I only have 2 months to go for the party.. So I talk to my most stubborn body parts every day..

Me to Unidentified Muscle X on my arm (Prob my triceps) : Pls Ms X, I would LOVE to wear something sleeveless on my birthday, but I'm not going to be able to if you keep jiggling around.. So pls cooperate and disappear by August k?

Me to My Stomach: We had some good times eh? Gorging on delish food from Marche and seafood from Msia.. Well..I'm sorry, that's all old news.. You're going to have to survive without rice and white bread and other yummy, i mean fattening food.. And nothing enters my mouth after 8pm so deal with it!

Me to My Thighs: You, I hate the most.. You have overstayed your welcome long enough.. It's time to shape up and ship out, sister.. So I don't wanna see flabby bits surrounding you anymore, comprende?

Sad eh? But true..

Okie..Gtg do some aerobics now..