Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekends suck.. I'm SOOO bored.. I've finished like 5 books in less than a week.. Watched enough reality programs to make me wanna puke.. Surfed aimlessly on the net..

By the way my dear blogders who complain that my pics are too small..Are these big enough? Now you can view my awful pores and horrible skin much clearer!! Hahaha..

Say What...

I was so bored today, I actually jumped at the chance to cook when my mum asked me to.. Now you have to know something about me and cooking..

I have NO clue whatsoever how to..

Seriously..Let me explain how bad the situation is..

I was at my bf's place minding my own business reading comics and irritating him when his mum called and asked me to boil rice as she was on the way home..

I was like.. "Er I don't know how to"

*Insert shocked gasps*

She laughed and said "Don't joke ma..The rice is in the...."

I cut her off before I got even more embarrased and said "Really auntie..I don't know how!!!"


Then.. She laughs and said "Nvm la ma..You will learn..Nvm you put Shawn on the phone"

I hung my head and passed the phone to my rolling-on-the-floor-with-laughter bf.. Who then promptly went to the kitchen and boiled the rice as if he was born to do it, whilst still laughing and pointing at me.. *Mumbles*

Sigh.. I know..I'm hopeless.. I know it involves rice, water and the cooker.. What I DON'T know is the measurements and such.. *Blows frustrated air*

And you would think that the incident would embarass me into learning how to cook or at least boil rice right? But Nooooo.. I'm glad to announce I STILL don't know the workings of boiling rice.

BUT.. I did make THIS today...

Yummy No?

Doesn't it look fantastic!!!!!! I was so proud of myself I wanted to weep!! Although I was squeamish about handling the raw chicken and the fish sauce made me want to puke, I still did it all by myself. (Together with my assistants S&S)

It's a Thai based recipe that involves chicken,coriander and lots of spices.. And it didn't just look good.. It tasted fanfuckingtastic.. Sadly my bf wasn't around to taste my first culinary victory.. But I am determined to cook up more dishes and impress the pants off him when he gets back..

Speaking of whom.. He'll be back on Fri!! Yippeeee.. I can go shopping!! Oops.. I meant I get to see my bf after 1 1/2 months! *Sly smile*

"Who would have thought you would knock me senseless with your smile"