Monday, June 06, 2005

Exam results were posted at 3.30pm this afternoon...

I was shivering in my seat and felt the need to go to the toilet to puke countless times..

I finally managed to access the page along with many of my kiasu classmates at exactly 3.30..

I got 2 freaking Distinctions and 1 High Distinction!!!!

Woo hooooooo... I was so freaking out and the ironic part was the subject I thought I would so fail was OSD and I got the HD for that subject!! *Wipes forehead and then prances around the room in delight*

I can actually visualise myself getting a Degree with Distinction now. Last semester, whilst everyone was moaning about how to get a DWD, I was so pooh-pooh about it coz I never gave it much thought.. Mainly coz I thought I could never do it.. Now it's actually withing reachable limits.. *Pats herself on the back* Hahahaaaaaa...

I'm on such a high right now.. You have no clue how happy I am.. All those sleepless nights editing reports and mugging for exams.. It's all worth it when I saw the look of happiness on my mum's face and the pride in my dad's voice when I called to tell him. *Contented sigh*

Off to celebrate with ice cream!