Friday, June 17, 2005

Yessssssss..Finally..After a whole YEAR of waiting and anticipation.. Anniyan has FINALLY been released! Vikram has been a BAD boy.. Making me watch my Dhool, Saamy and Arul VCDs over and over again to get my Vikram fix. I've been irritating my family by saying the film's lines before the actors' even get to say their's. Hahaha.. The look my siblings give me when I pop in the Dhool VCD is priceless..

Yes... I am a Vikram fanatic.. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried a lil when I saw him in person at the Vikram Show in Spore.. I'm proud to say that I know his birth date (April 16th!!) and his favourite pair of sandals.. To me, he's one of the greatest actors around.. And it helps that he's SUPER HOT as well.. *Drool* How can one man be so hot? It's just not fair.. *Pouts*

*In best Reema Sen-in-Dhool voice* Enakku athu veeenummmm! *points to Vikram*

Hahahaa... Only die hard Vikram fans would get that..


Catch me at the theatre later.. I'll be the super early one..dressed to impress, in case the hot one himself decides to pop by Spore for the opening of his movie. *Shivers*