Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Okie CSI's over...So I went thru hell and came back this week..I was at my lowest on sunday..Dun really wanna talk about it.. Blackouts are scary..Shivering's not fun..Vomitting feels horrendous..

Lalala...Okie...So feeling pretty good after my MOR paper today...Basket..I studied way too much laa.. Its like the paper covered so little!!! Waste my time and made me so stress!!! *Grumbles*

But all this stress is gooooooooodd...Hahah..in the weight loss element laaa... But I'm sure I can lose more..Yeah rite...with deepavali coming??? All that lovely prawn sambal!!!!! mmmmmmm....Cant wait...Serious..I went to everyone's house last year and just ate the prawn sambal! No rice..or anything else..Hahaha..

My darling Trajet is being traded in for a Suzuki Leanna (Or whatever)....Sniff sniff...My father kept complaining that the car wasnt being used at all and we were just paying for it.. I will miss having all that space in the car and being able to sleep comfortably when we travel to Malaysia..Sighz...

Okie so to end off..Here's a picture of me!! Cheyyyyyyyyy.... Hahahaha...I have nothing else to do laa in the car...This was me going to the temple and my hair refused to behave after my shower...Stoopiaks hair..I'm so gonna cut it next week...hear that, hair!! Hear that!! Behave or else!

What Else To Do..

Good night my dolls and darlings..