Monday, November 22, 2004

Let's talk SI...I am sooo disappointed with the results...I dun even think the both of them should belong in the top 2..Syl MORE than Taufik..But since Taufik is the lesser of the 2 evils..I shall be rooting for him silently...I do not believe in spending my money on what has become a mockery of Spore's talented few ie:OLINDA,LEANDRA... But somehow, in the deepest recess of my heart, I know that Sylvester may very well win.. Definately NOT because he's talented, but because the majority of Sporeans are Chinese and he appeals to young Chinese girls, who as we know, have the most voting power,time,money and lack of brain cells (or maybe they're just hard of hearing)...

Note: I'm not being racist..though it does seem my entry borders on that..But i'm just sick of seeing talent always getting shown the backdoor either because of their skin colour, weight or looks...So to all my friends, please understand this is not a personal attack on anyone..Just thoughts and feelings... Coz as a Sporean Indian woman, I have experienced racial prejudice countless times..I've also been judged superficially and let me tell ya..It hurts on both accounts.. It's gotten to a point where if remarks are made among a group of friends, I can laugh it off..But deep down I feel like I'm being betrayed..

Sometimes comments are made without knowing the impact it has on the receiver.. It may seem totally normal for you, but you never know who you might be hurting.. Imagine hearing "Aiyah yah laa..Chinese ppl always stink laa..Dun sit next to them on the train" or "Malay men are all wife beaters".... Wouldnt ya get upset??? Coz those are like the top 2 comments I always hear made about Indians..

And take this year's Deepavali celebrations...Since it was so close to Hari Raya, it almost felt like we were non existent.. There was only a banner wishing all residents a Selamat Hari Raya from my constituency and no Deepvali wishes... And a entry to the Forum page stated that NTUC totally ignored the fact that Deepavali existed and hung only Hari Raya wishes..That's not as bad as some stores which had already hung up the Christmas decorations which were almost 2 FREAKIN mths away!!!

For a country who has devoted a whole day to Racial Harmony, we still have a long way to go..It's not just about wearing each other's national costumes for a day and singing songs in each other's language..It's more...MUCH more..