Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ahhhh...I can only wish for THIS dream wish list to get COMPLETELY fulfilled...Hehehe...I wonder if my bf still reads my blog?? If he does..*Sumi goes all puppy eyed and says you KNOW you love me!!!*

Okie...1st up...My FAV perfume in the world wide world of perfumery...Escada's Sexy Graffiti... I started wearing this before all the young wannabes started loading up on this gorgeous smelling,yummy, delicious scent...Sadly it's no more in stock as they only sold it for a certain time frame...Sighz...I only have like a 3/4 bottle left with me...So I cant make it my signature scent anymore coz i only have so little!!! Only for special occassions with special people!! So if anyone sees a bottle ANYWHERE..Tell me!!!! Or better...Buy it for me!!!Hahahaa


Okie..since I can't have Sexy Graffiti, the next best thing would be Escada Magnetism..i swear these Escada perfumes are heaven sent...They smell scrumptious and last an eternity.. Sadly my scent nowadays switch between Hugo Boss's Deep Red andJ.Lo's Glow..since I can't really find a signature scent I REALLY like...But Magnetism may just very well be it!!

Hmmm..It'll do..

Now we move on to my other love, make up..MAC's holiday must haves...The browns and nudes in this eyeshadow pact are to DIE for...And they come in this wonderful lil blue compact with crystal lettering!! How Cute is thatttt!!!! Being a MAC-nista...I am totally lusting for this gift!


Another MAC must have...The lip colour pact...Mmmmm...All the Viva Glam shades in one compact in a divaistic shade of red and crystals...*Drools*

Gimme Gimme...

And the ultimate gift to end this 1st part of my dream list...The Weave Diamond Ring from Tiffany & Co. I just lurveeeee this design and the chunkiness of it all...I hate skinny thin rings.. What's the point of having a big giant rock jutting out from a skinny thin band?? It looks stupid..I'd prefer this..However..brace yourselves..This knockout of a rings estimates at about $15,000!! Gagagagaggaag..*Evil Laughter*...Have ya fainted yet my dear baby boy???

Any Takers???

Phew...So many lovely things...So lil time and not to mention money...Sighz... Not to worry..Much more fantastic things I would love to own coming soon...And who knows..You can take note and hint a few hints to your other half!!! Hahaha..