Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sighz...Sometimes I think of how life would have been if I had insisted on going to Aussie to pursue my degree..I've always wanted to go to UQ and take up their BA in Business and Tourism...But as the time came closer for me to decide, I really couldnt.. The thought of leaving my family,friends and shawn just tore my heart apart... To top it off, I wasnt certain I'll get to do any studying there at all!!! What with all the partying I would definately have indulged in!!

So I went on a trip to Brisbane all by myself in April/May for about 2 weeks.. Stayed with 2 of my besties, Joanne and Saras..I had a wonderful time there..When I 1st touched down I told myself..How will I ever want to leave this place???...Endless clubbing, cheap alcohol, cute guys, great friends,wonderful weather....But somehow I didnt feel sadness when I was at the airport waiting to come home..Instead I felt a sense of relief and happiness..Yes, I did enjoy myself tremendously for 2 weeks..But I really wanted to go home!!! Hahaha..I think my besties were jealous of me being able to go home! They're always complaining when i talk to them,of how they miss Spore and how much they want to be back..

But I guess studying overseas has it benefits and perks that I may never get to enjoy FULLY..As part of my degree, I have to go to Melbourne in my 3rd year for at least a month, attending lectures and seminars..So I'll get to live the life of an international student for a mth!! Hopefully my besties will be able to come as well..We're trying to plan a trip together and since I'll be going to Melb then, they might try to coordinate and come at the same time..But nothing's concrete yet...There's still a longgggggg way to go...

*Stares at hair* No one told me curly hair was THIS hard to maintain!!! Hmphhh...*Stares at Joanne* Hahahaha