Thursday, November 25, 2004

My sis came back from her 3 day camp yesterday afternoon..slept at 3 plus and only woke up at 2 plus in the afternoon TODAY! Haha...Its okie laa..Since tommorrow's her birthday and all.. Die-ded dunno what to get her!! Die-ded...Isnt it such a fun word?? Say it with me now...Die-ded...

I just discovered how racy Destiny's Child's latest song, Lose My Breath, really is!! *Flutters fingers* Check some of the lyrics out...

I put it right there, made it easy for you to get to
now you wanna act like you don't know what to do
after I done done everything that you asked me
grabbed you, grind you, liked you, tried you
moved so fast, baby now i can't find you

Two things i don't like when i'm trynna get my groove
is a partner that meets me only halfway, and just can't prove
Take me out so deep when you know you can't swim

I'm startin' to believe that I'm way too much for you
all that talk but it seems like you can't come through
all them lines like you could satisfy me
now I see where believing you got me
gave you the wheel but you can't drive me

Hahaha...Cool huh?? When I 1st heard the song all I could catch were the "hhhhe hhhhe" breathy noises and a very catchy beat..I'm just glad they got back together and started making great tunes again..

I just realized I have this old pic of me and my bro on my comp..Cho Chweet no???

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