Monday, November 15, 2004

Went to watch Manmathan on Fri...Not bad for a Simbu movie laaa..Dun have all his action lawa stuff all... Went to Borders before that to catch up on all my magazine reading...I know..I'm a bloody cheapo..Hehe

Oh god..Saturday at my house was more hectic than on Deepavali day itself!!! Had soo many people coming down.. And me being me..decided to wear the most annoying punjabi suit ever..It's this baby doll suit with beads hanging from the sleeves and makes hell of a noise when i move..but i like the cut laa..very flattering..

Saturday's Outfit..

My bro and sis look so nice here rite..Excuse the ladder behind eh!!

My Lovely Siblings...

My neighbours came visiting and brought their lovely lil kids along (although they DID sorta ruined the rangoli design!).. This lil guy is the cutestttttttt...Lil Rohan..He's sooo obedient and darn cute..

Me and Roshan

So many people came...My neighbours, my father's friends, my brother's friends, my aunt and uncles, cousins...Phew...was bushed by the end of it all..Then my mum decided that we were going to jb to visit my grandma the next day!!! Aiyohhhhh...

So being the dutiful eldest daughter, woke up early and went to bathe and change...Only AFTER i got ready with my suit and make up, did my dad discover that my brother's passport had not been extended (He being 18 and all and not yet in NS..They need to keep tabs on him!)... Wah Liaoooooooooo.... Damn pek chek lehhhh.... I was the only one who was dressed...So bloody fed up.. So being the self obsessed photo whore I am...I decided to take pics of myself!!

This is me after I discovered we were not going...

Now You Tell Me..

My mum decided to wear her finery too to take some pics!!

Me and My Mum..

I love black and white shots...Nicer than colour...

Me Again..

Was so bored I decided to henna-fy my sister and brother.. Hennaed a tribal design on my brother's wrist..Also did one on my father and bf too..

My Handiwork

Wah liao..I dun wanna see chicken or mutton for like ever... prawns i can handle...Actually i went to my bf's hse and ate prawn sambal only... Deepavali's tiring laa.. I just went to the gym today..My body's complaining like mad...

Need to go clubbinggggggggg....Sighz...Been too long.. Made tentative plans laa..but not too sure yet..Prob just go for drinks with my SIM mates soon.

"I hate losing things...Mobile..Money..Friends..But Shit Happens"