Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Let's talk clothes.. Singapore does not have jeans that fit tall gals with a booty.. Really.. The only pair of jeans that fits like a dream would be one I bought from Aussie..The next best one would be Levis... All those other jeans at This Fashion and shit only fit people who have non existent butts and who are errm..vertically handicapped i should say.. Bloody difficult laa..

And tops... Who designs tops for tall girls? No one i say.. Well you can find laa..But nice cute tops usually end up as crop top for me.. And I CANNOT wear crop tops..Well give me a few more months..Maybe I can..But I still won't..AArrgh..I'm confusing myself..

Ooooo.. I love my neighbour...My extremely rich and generous neighbour.. She just gave me like 3 bags of wonderful tops which she never wore!! Like branded stuff and really hot tops which i've been dying to buy!! Yippeeee...3 BAGS lehhhhhh...I dun have to go shopping for like...maybe..errm.. 3 mths?? Hahaha..ya all know how much I love shopping.. Next on the list..Deepavali clothes..Gonna go sew my saree blouse.. Found this old saree of my mum's.. Really nice..Just gonna wear taht and prob get a punjabi suit laa..Too stressed out with studying to get all excited abt Deepavali... But I will!!!!

Oprah's on..