Friday, October 15, 2004

Mmmmm...Usher..Mmmm... I lurrvees Usher... He's just sooo nice..and not to mention HOT!! So for ya viewing pleasure...The man himself..

Yummy... *Drrooools*

*Slaps herself* Okay okay...Fasting and all..Shouldnt be drooling over a guy..No matter how gorgeous he is.. Sighz..Is drooling over Beyonce allowed?? *Slaps herself again*.. Abishtoooo...

My sis finished her exams and is soooooo rubbing it in my face...Basket... But at least I dun have to take O levels all....neh neh ni boo boo!!! hahaha

Okie I know I'm rambling on and on about nothing..Well I've been stuck at home for one week studying...the only thing I can blog about would be topics related to human resource, management and employment relations...Which i DONT think you'll be too interested in.. So I shall not waste your time and end here... Will blog later when I have experience life outside of my flat..(Which will be tommorrow!!! Yayyyyyyyyy..)