Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thank you..Thank you so much *waves hand Ms America style* haha..excusuu me..Still in pageant mode.. Okay switching back to normal..

Studied so much today...having a freakin headache.. Been drinkin red bull like there's no tommorrow.. So went to watch Resident Evil 2 to destress...hahaha..any bloody excuse to get out of the house!! Wah liao...Damn bloody shiok movie laa..And this is coming from a romantic/comedy person.. Milla just kicks zombie butt!!

Now..i love reality TV..Really...I love Survivor with all my being..Amzing Race rules.. and America's Next Top Model feeds me my weekly dose of cattiness..But I really dun get The Swan.. Its really stupid... You makeover a girl..tell her she's pretty..then the next moment tell her that the other contestent's prettier than her coz she's not chosen to join the pageant!!! WTF??? Sheesh...Stoopiaks program..Waste of my time..

Ahhh...OC is on...Now that's a program WORTH watching..