Friday, October 01, 2004

Apparently ALOT of ppl have told my bf that they have seen his pics on my blog..and he got so paiseh, he called to ask me to take his pics down! WTF??? I SOOOO will not..This is MY blog...If ya can't tell by the freakin address..SUMISWEET.BLOGSPOT.COM... So I can post whatever I want.. *mumbles and grumbles*

What's more I plan to post more pics..Hahahaa.. But he's gotten so wary, whenever I whip out my trusty camera phone, he covers his face!! Poor thing..Stuck with an unreasonable gf..

I'm getting more and more pressured at school..Got back one of my ind projects..Not very good laa.. Think I could have done better if I didnt have such tight deadlines for the other 7 freakin projects I had.. Hope I do better for the others..I wanna get at least a distinction for one of the projects.. Imagine how I felt when some of my friends got a distinction or High Distinction and were so nonchalant about it!! I also wanttttt...

Currently in school waiting for my 7pm class..Attempting to do my HR project but being tempted to surf the net at the same time..Hence the blogging.. Went to NP to borrow books using my bro's card.. How irritating, ya have to enter pin no after scanning the card..Hmmph.. I miss NP Co-op..Used to love buying knick knacks there..

VJ called me out to Wild Wild Wet tommorrow with his sis, but I'm so stressed out with my revision and my final project I had to decline..Sorry hun!! Actually I have 4 tickets to WWW as well..I got them free when I got my new phone.. Don't think I'll be using them any time soon though..

I am a freakin recluse..