Tuesday, October 12, 2004

And so it starts.. Me and my bf are starting our fast tommorrow...And no..we are not muslim (Not that there's anything wrong with being muslim..Just that I get asked that alot when I mention I'm gonna start fasting!)..We're fasting for the Fire walking ceremony.. 21 days of vegetarian food..No physical contact with each other..No 'unholy' thoughts..Sighz... But its all goooood... Gotta get used to it coz he'll prob be doing this every year..Nvm..absence makes the heart fonder and all that shit right?

Went to Pizza Hut last night and ordered the Teriyaki Pizza set for two..Now the set comes with 2 miso soups and 2 japanese salads..So to confirm I asked the waitress if the soup can be changed to mushroom instead..and she was like 'yeah of course'... So I went and got the soup and then returned to get my salad..I lurve the salad bar..

So whilst I was pouring Italian dressing over my mountain of vegetables, another waitress gives me a strange look...I was like ??.. Then when i wnt back to my table i realised the reason for the look..

On the freakin table..were 2 freakin salads...japanese style!!!! Arrgghhh...the embarrassment!!! I was silently screaming at my bf asking him why the hell he didnt like signal me or something when she left the salads on the table..But he was too busy laughing his ass off to respond... Idiot..

But the good part was..No one came to ask us anything or charge us extra!! Hehehe...So I happily carried on eating both salads..and as always ended up being full before the pizza arrived.. Hahahaha..

I did quite well for 2 of my individual essays...Quite proud of myself..Hehe..Now if only I can score better on my exams...*makes face*