Monday, July 19, 2004

I turned on my computer last week and got this message.. "Failure is imminent.Pls backup hard drive or replace hard drive" WHAT THE FUCK!!!! My computer's quite new and I keep having to deal with all this shit..Now's not really a good time for my comp to go thru PMS coz I have shit load of projects to do and I NEED my comp...Sighzz...
Anyhoo..Went for Explosion Nite on Saturday...The entertainment was fantastic..Not the show(Well the show was good too) but the side entertainment such as the wannabes and anjadis parading around in their finery..My god..There were a few who looked like they were 12 yrs old but were dancing like mad people whilst the show was going on.. Well to each his own I guess..
Have you all been to the new and improved Chomp Chomp..Man it's nice..And the food's still as wonderful as ever..Mmmmm...I am such a food slut...Well dessert slut actually!!
Oh and have I mentioned that I'm using the computers in school to type this!?! How sad that I have to resort to coming to school to surf the net..And I miss MSNingggg!!
Okie..gtg for lecture now..