Sunday, July 04, 2004

Whenever I go out with my gal friends,I ALWAYS wear flats...I'll never make the mistake of wearing heels ever again...Coz we can never decide on one particular place to go..SO we'll all meet up and then take the MRT and THEN decide where to go..But we'll end up walking and walking and walking...So at the risk of looking bleh..I wear my flats and walk along with them..

Take yesterday..We met and went to Novena church after which we went to Orchard and decided after walking for 15 mins to head to Marche which was in the opposite direction..On the way we detoured to check out the sale at Zara..and then finally went to Marche where I sinned and had my wonderful caramel banana waffle with maple syrup! Mmmmm...Orgasmic..

Then we decided to go to the Esplanade to catch the sunset and hang out there..So we walked again(From City Hall laa..Not from Orchard!)..But that was a pretty long walk too..But the chocolate dipped strawberries were SOOO worth it!! Yummmmmm....6 for 5 bucks..I split it with Joanne(who has a bubble tea obsession and can't get enuff of it coz she had to spend $4.50 a cup in aussie)..

Finally we walked back to catch the train..Now tell me..Would you have survived all that in my 4 inch heels??? I REALLY dun think so..

So I start school tommorrow..Quite nervy coz I really dun know anyone there..And it has been 2 yrs since I last studied for something..Oh Ohhhhhhh...I forgot...My dad's trading in the Trajet for a Sonata!!! Boooo Hoooooooooo....i'm so upset..I really love travelling in the Trajet..So bloody comfortable..Sniff Sniff..